Squad selection
To set the ball rolling, you first have to select a squad of 15 players. This squad must consist of 2 Wicket Keepers, 6 Batsmen, 3 All Rounders and 4 Bowlers. Each player you select is worth a certain amount of money. You initially start with a balance of 100 million USD and the total value of your selected players must not exceed that. Also, you cannot select more than 4 players from a single team. Do not forget to save any changes you make to your squad. If you cancel changes, your squad will revert back to the last saved state.

Team selection
Once you have selected and saved the squad, you can finalize the playing XI from the team selection page. Your team must consist of at least 3 Batsmen, 1 All Rounder, 1 Bowler and the 1 mandatory Wicket Keeper. You can also choose any member of your team to be the Trump Player. Make sure you select the Trump Player carefully as his performance points will automatically be doubled.

The remaining 4 players will be added to the substitutes and you can obviously exchange them with the players in the playing IX. You have to finalize the team selection before the deadline for the actual game. Like everything else in life, do not forget to save the changes.

Playing the Game
15 minutes before the deadline expires, you will be sent an email with your selected playing XI for any last second changes. After the deadline is over, you cannot make any more changes in the playing IX. The game play will start when the actual game gets underway. Our engine will dynamically update your teams performance with respect to the real action. The final score for the game will be updated after the actual match is over and you can then review your team’s performance and compare your results with other players.