Winner of the Entire Competition
The Silverware
The proud Winner of the CricketCrackit World Cup will lift a brilliant and shining iPad. You can proudly hold this trophy high if your team scores the maximum total points for the entire length of the competition, which includes the group and the knockout stage. So keep an eye on the leaderboard and remember, consistency is the key!.

Winner of the Knockout Rounds
Golden Gloves
Do not get disheartened if you dropped the iPad, there is still a 64 gb, 4th generation iPod touch waiting for you. You just have to get the maximum points in the knockout stages. All you have to do is fight, fight and fight till the end.

Winner of the Group Stages
Chocker's Tag
Did you start well and murdered all competition only to have a bad day and get knocked out? You can still bite off a 64 gb, 4th generation iPod touch by getting the maximum points in the groups stage. Just make sure you don't take any team lightly and you are South Africa ;).

New Zealand Medal
Played with Kiwi grit and determination but just did not have enough resources? Do not contemplate retirement as the team shirts of your favorite sides await. The first 5 runners up of the group and knockout stages and also the entire tournament will win a T-shirt of their favorite team. This means a whopping total of 15 awesome T-shirts!!!.

Consolation Gifts
Associates Prize
World Cup is a tough gig for the amateur and the unlucky. Took leave, trained hard, gave it your best shot but still got beaten? You can still win more than just encouragement for your lion-hearted display. Every runner up from the 6th to the 17th runner up of the group,knockout stages and the entire tournament will get a cap of his favorite team. Yes, this means a mind-boggling total of 30 caps just waiting to be won!!!.