1: Game Play

Q:I have finalize my playing XI before the deadline, what happens now?
A: If you have successfully selected your playing XI, your team will be entered into the competition.

Q:How does the gameplay work?
A: After your team has been entered and the actual World Cup game commences, the CricketCrackit engine will dynamically update your team's performance with respect to the real action every 30 mins.

Q:My team isn't really doing very well and I want to change some players. Is it possible during the World Cup match?
A: No, you cannot make any changes to the team during the match. The changes are only possible when the actual match is over and the deadline for the next match has not expired yet.

Q:How do I see how other CricketCrackit players are doing?
A: You can view the performance of other teams by going to the "My Team " page and clicking the View Leaders (Overall) or "View Leaders (Last Week)" links in the "Tables" section.

Q:Can I see how other players from my country or my favorite team are doing?
A: Yes, you can see that by clicking the appropriate links in the "Tables" section in the "My Team" page.

2: Profile FAQs

Q:How do I check out other users profiles?
A: You can check out other users profiles by clicking on their name in the leaderboard tables.

Q:After I registered, I was asked to select a team. What is that for?
A: This is the team you are following in the World Cup, this selection is not mandatory and you can continue without selecting any team.

3: Squad FAQs

Q:How much money do I start with?
A: You will start with a $100 M balance. Every newly registered player will get the same amount.

Q:How do I check my current balance?
A: You can check your current balance at the "Money Remaining" bar at the bottom of the page.

Q:I want to change the composition of the squad from 2 Wicket Keepers, 6 Batsmen, 3 All Rounders and 4 Bowlers to a custom composition. Is it possible?
A: No, the composition of the squad is fixed and cannot be modified.

Q:I want to see the list of available players sorted by points. How do I do that?
A: On the My Squad Page, in the "Transfers" menu on the right, you can sort the players by points by using the "Sort By:" drop down menu.

Q:How do I add a player to My Squad?
A: You can add a player to your squad by simply clicking on his name in the list of players in the Transfers menu.

Q:I want to remove a player from the squad, how do I do that?
A: You can remove a player from the squad by clicking the small red cross on the player icon.

Q:I have removed a player by mistake. How do I undo that?
A: As soon as you remove a player from the squad, his icon is greyed out and a revert arrow appears. You can always click on that arrow to get your old player back into the squad.

Q:How do I check the current status of my squad for any discrepancies or rule violations?
A: You can check the current status of your squad from the "Current Status" bar near the bottom of the page.

Q:How do I view a player's photograph and information?
A: You can do that by clicking in the information button on the player icon. The information will appear over the current page and you will not leave the page.

Q:I want to view the statistics of all the players in my squad. How do I do that?
A: You can view your squad's statistics in one page by clicking on Data View.

Q:I am mostly a stats guy and would like to have all the stats visible when I select the squad. Where can I do that?
A: You can select the squad in the "Data View" which runs parallel and similar to the graphical view.

Q:I think I might have been a bit hasty in my selection policy and have selected some bad players. Can I remove them from my squad?
A: You can always update your squad with the players of your choice. However, please remember that you are allowed up to a maximum of 20 free transfers during the World Cup. For any more transfers, you will get 100 points deducted from your team's total.

Q:Can I save a partially selected squad?
A: No, only a fully and correctly selected squad can be saved.

Q:I selected a very good squad but forgot to save it. What happens now?
A: If you have forgotten to save any changes to your squad, you squad will be reverted back to its old saved state.

Q:I am satisfied with the squad I have selected. Now what do I do?
A: You should immediately save your squad. After saving the squad, you will automatically be forwarded to the "My Team" page where you can finalize your playing XI.

4: Team Selection

Q:Are there any composition rules for team selection?
A: Your team must consist of at least 3 Batsmen, 1 All Rounder, 1 Bowler and the mandatory 1 Wicket Keeper. You can then select the rest of the players into any combination you like.

Q:When I first visit the My Team page, there is already a selected playing XI waiting for me. How did this happen?
A: After you successfully save your squad, CricketCrackit automatically picks 1 Wicketkeeper, 5 Batsmen, 2 All Rounders and 3 Bowlers from your squad and moves them into the playing XI.

Q:How did four of the players in my squad end up as substitutes?
A: CricketCrackit automatically delegates four random players from your selected squad to the Substitutes Bench.

Q:How do I move a player from the Substitutes Bench to the playing XI?
A: You should first click on the red allow on the player you want to drop. When the red arrow is clicked, the player icon is greyed out. You can then click the green arrow on any player in the substitutes bench and that player will replace the other player in the playing XI.

Q:How much time do I have to finalize the team?
A: You have to finalize your playing XI before the deadline for the actual World Cup match expires. The deadline can be viewed in the "Next Deadline" menu at the bottom.

Q:I forgot to finalize my playing XI before the deadline. What happens now?
A: If you forgot to save your playing XI, then the team which was automatically selected by CricketCrackit will be your playing XI.